Personal opinion of the students about the Comenius visit to Portugal:

It was a great experience where we discovered other cultures. I used think that portuguese people would be more similar to us than they were. I had a lot of fun and the worst thing of the travel was to have to return so early to Mallorca.

By Maria Gnad

I really enjoyed this experience a lot, and I must say that people were very kind with us, the families were really good, as well. The activities that we did were also quite interesting, and everything went fine. I thing that this trip has helped us to learn a lot of English, because we had to speak in English if we wanted to communicate with the other people.

By Carme Arbos

It was a great travel.People from there behaved fantastically with us. Always smiling, teaching us everything they could and being the perfect guides.We have to say thanks to everyone that is participating in the Comenius Project.The places were very beautifuls and the activities funny.And I say it again, to everybody, thank you.I don’t think I will never forget this travel.

By Irene Forteza

Personal opinion of the students about the Comenius visit to Lithuania:

I’m going to speak about the Comenius Project because my experience in Lithuania was amazing and I would like to repeat this experience.
Our travel to Lithuania started in Palma’s airport where we could take a plane to Dusseldorf, Germany. While we were waiting the plane, we walked around the airport. Then we took a plane to Latvia, we were tired but we had a lot of desires to see our Lithuanian’s families, so we took a bus which travel last 4 hours. Finally we arrived to Endriejavas, Lithuania. There the families were waiting for us and we went to our houses.
When you arrive to some place that you don’t know at all, it’s a strange situation. And you have the curiosity to know things about their culture, the differences between your country and many other things. In my case I didn’t stop to answer questions to my Lithuania girl. I also asked many things.
The next day Lithuanians showed us the school and they did some shows. They showed a forest, in this place we did some activities. We danced a lot of typical music too, it was very funny and we laughed a lot.
On the next morning they showed us some beautiful places where we could learn some culture; we could eat typical food and buy some souvenirs for our families.
The families were very good with us, they treated us like if we were their children or their brothers and sisters. The families and the school gave us some presents as well.
I didn’t want to say goodbye as the trip was very short and I wanted to stay more time with my family and people from the Comenius Project.
I recommend for everybody this experience because is very agreeable to share thinks with people from different countries.

By Marina Soler Socias

I loved the trip to Lithaunia. We were very exited on the first day. When we arrived to Endriejavas, everybody was there, waiting for us. On the second day we went to the school and they introduced themselves. In the afternoon we went to Laura’s house and we played a lot of games with Emilia’s cousin. We enjoyed that afternoon very much. On the third day we went to Nyda and in the afternoon – to Aurita and Marina’s house. It was our last day, so we celebrated – eating, dancing … until late. And then … it was over. I miss the people from the Comenius Project.

By Sara Quetglas

Going to Lithuania was the most amazing experience that I could think about.
I wanted to go there since the beginning of the Comenius Project. I always knew that this travel would be the best that I could choose.
Experience in the country:
When we arrived with the bus we were very tired, we’d took a lot of flights during the day.
People were very kind and friendly all the time. When we’d just arrived, my family and me had dinner, and they introduced themselves to me. They were making me a lot of questions and I answered them happyly. Sisters of the family (Dovile and Emilija) carried me with Sara and Victoria to see the town. Sara and me were very shy with our families and we liked to see each other just after coming.
We enjoyed with people from the town. Personally, I met all the Emilija and Dovile’s family (parents, grandmother, aunts, uncles and cousins). I could see that it’s a funny and friendly family. I love my family, but if I wouldn’t have it I would want to have Emilija and Dovile’s family.
The rest of the days were so great like the first day. We danced, we laughed, we played and we taught each other a little bit of our languages.
Food was very good, I hadn’t tasted the typical food of Lithuania before going there. Now that I know the food I can say that it’s surprisingly good. I can tell an anecdote, Sara, before coming, asked me how to say “I want just a little of food”. When we were walking through the town she said to me that she was shame to order more food at her house.
Lithuania is a beautiful place without pollution to discover. A perfect place to grow up surrounded of nature.
If I have the chance, I will go back again.

By Marta Torrens Tomey